Welcome at the Puur Terschelling website

We are a family farm on the island “Terschelling” in the Netherlands.
The farm has sheep and horses. Moreover, we are participating in the sustainability of Terschelling. We would like to welcome you as a guest at one of our activities or in our apartment “Puur Slapen” for 4 persons.
The activities that we organize are;
Covered wagon trips through the dunes, forest, cranberry fields, beach and the European nature reserve: “Boschplaat”.
Horse back rides on Friesian horses through the dunes, forest, cranberry fields and beach for beginners and advanced horse riders.
Donkey back rides (for little children) through the dunes and locals make a 2.5 hour walking tour with a GPS.
Wadlopen on the UNESCO Waddensea. During this walk you will see, feel, taste and experience the uniqueness and the beauty of the Waddensea. This nature reserve is ruled and owned by the high and low tides. Which makes it a must to participate in one of our walks through the mudflats and the salt marshes at the Boschplaat and brought back with the lounge wagon.
Land Rover 4x4 from 1 October to 1 April is it possible to make a 4x4 ride at the beach of Terschelling with a private driver.
At Puur Terschelling we can speak English.

For further questions, please let us know.
(Together we can arrange/make a programme for during your stay at Terschelling.)